New Earth

The massive infrastructure of the “New Earth” was establish by it’s citizens, spanning many cultures, as a replacement for Old Earth, with a goal to house all of the Human race that is left in the universe, built purely as a self-sustaining structure.

Great power, wealth, knowledge, and physical prowess invested greatly into a new, city-state interstellar-space travelling-station, erected in response to the dreadful news of the inevitable end of the earth. This idea, launched by Sweden, presented as a mandatory initiation of funding, selection, and engineering, from all countries and governments.

It currently floats throughout the cosmos, with no real sense of direction but towards distant galaxies housing planets and stars to harvest essential compounds.


It’s round. Aerodynamics are useless in space. It is a giant rock made of metal, with sensors of all sorts surrounding it, pulling data to its many hubs to tell those engineering and maintaining the ship to know what lays ahead.


New Earth, housing 10 million individuals, must manage all of its many citizens with several, smaller sub-cities, each populating 200,000-2,000,000 individuals. These sects are yet to be named.
.h3 Sects


New Earth has few thrusters, as there is no specific locational goal for the citizen’s travel.
They do, however, have to occasionally slow their speed, for when they near a system that has valuable resources, to send out their small gatherer ships and not be too far out of the reach for their return.
Surprisingly, this system is incredibly efficient, and they have never had a departure result in injury or failure to succeed in their missions.


All of the old earth’s oil had been either put into the development of this machine, or into its vast material storage warehouse.
These warehouses hold many elements and compounds, ready to be used in the construction of any synthesized component.


The only carbon-based lifeforms in existence are on this space-boat, a mere ten million citizens.


Around New Earth, there is OTROM – Outboard TerraRail Occupant Maglev, which is actually two seperate trains running in opposite directions. They run in a giant circle, visiting all the major depots; storage warehouses, storage docks, important office complexes, farmland, major elevators, and the city hub (in the exact center, accessible by any of the TRAMs – TerraRail Auxiliary Maglev). The outer trains are very long; the same length as the circumference of the endlessly moving space station.

The trains are multilayered, with large cargo bays under the city streets carrying commodities (these run along the MOTR – Material Outboard TerraRail), above it the gravity ballasts, and above that are the two passenger “cars”.


A central ballast runs between the two major trams, never stopping, and always moving; spinning. They gyration of this helps establish directional stability for the people on board. The large mass that was spinning internally of the New Earth simulated Earth’s old natural gravity (don’t ask for specifics, its ‘SCIENCE’).

The fake gravity has slowly degraded, less than 1% of a decrease occurred every ten years.


There are no flying birds on New Earth. The trams provide a hazard to anything that could be able to fly higher than people’s heads.
Livestock do not directly exist, but all vital species (as designated by various institutions prior to the departure of New Earth) have been DNA sequenced and had reproductive cells preserved.
Animals of some species do live on the station, recreated using various genomic and cloning techniques, making most pets rather expensive.

New Earth

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